Pilot Services

Membership has its Benefits!

The Florida Ridge is a Membership Flight Park, and any Certified Pilot can join. With a membership you will receive privileges and benefits that make hang gliding more enjoyable, convenient, and economical. And whatever you're doing at the Ridge - soaring among the clouds, relaxing in the sun, or dipping in the pool - our ground crew and office staff will strive to give you the service you deserve as a hang gliding pilot.

Park Services

Put some steaks and shrimps on the barbie, drive some golf balls, jog or hike, fly your RC, surf the Web, roast marshmallows on the campfire under a star filled sky... or just relax. There's a lot more at the Florida Ridge than just air sports!

  Members Non-Members
Park Fees
 Daily Park Pass (per pilot)  Included $20
 Daily Guest Fee (per guest)  Included  $5
 Parking Fee  Included  $5
 Park Amenities  Included  Not Included
 Parties of 4 or More  Call for Pricing  Call for Pricing

Flight Services

  Members Non-Members
Solo Pilot Aero-Towing
 Aerotow - Over 2000 Feet $35 $50
Aerotow - 200 ft or less $20 $30
Instructor Supervised AeroTow  $35  $45
Glider, Harness, and Equipment Services
Glider Storage (up to 2)
Included N/A
Glider Set-Up and Break-Down Service $35 N/A
Glider and Harness Repair (per hour) $85 N/A
Rental: Harness, Vario, Helmet or Release (per day) $25 $35
Glider Inspection, Pre-Flight and Test Flight $95 $149
Annual Glider Inspection and Tune-Up
Includes the removal of sail and full frame inspection,
plus Test flight with tune-up.
$395 $495

Florida Ridge Membership

In addition to Free Park Services and Discounted Flight Services, Ridge members receive Demo Flights on the newest Hang Gliders when Available.

Annual Membership
Membership Renews Annually on January 1st
Early Renewal (One Year Membership)
Renews Annually during the Month of December
Temporary Memberships
Six (6) Months $400  

Hop-in-and-Fly Glider Rental

* Intermediate Pilots and Above
The coolest concept in Hang Gliding. Fly a current-production hang glider with the latest technology, already set up and ready to fly with an easy-fit cocoon harness, safety parachute, tow bridles, dual aerotow release, Fly-Tec variometer, helmet, and wheels.

Members Save 10%

Willswing Falcon 2 140-220lb, H2-4 pilots $25 /Flight** 
Willswing U-2 170-220 lb, H3-4 pilots $35 /Flight** 
Moyes Litespeed 170-220 lb, H4-5 pilots $45 /Flight** 
Other Gliders with own harness & set-up Call For Information 
** Rates are per flight and do not include tow fees, park fees, guest fees (if any), or Instructor-assisted Setup and Launch, if requested.

Solo Practice Program

For Solo Pilots who need or want to practice or brush up on the basics. This program includes up to 4 aerotows up to 800 ft in altitude. This will give you an opportunity to quickly find your weaknesses and work on them from one flight to another since the flights will be short and you will have the assistance of the the tug pilot to help you on towing technique and the ground crew for retrieval, launch setup and launch priority.

Solo Practice
With the Assistance of the Florida Ridge Crew or Instructor, in a quick succession of up to 4 tows you will be able to practice:
• Aerotow Launches and Launch Techniques
• Pattern Tows - Towing Techniques
• Landing Approaches
• Landings and Landing Technique

  Members Non-Members
  Members Non-Members
Solo Practice Program $120** $200**

Equipment Rental

As a rated pilot, you can arrive here with nothing but the clothes on your back, and we can fully equip you for you solo flights.

Members Save 10%

Harnes with Parachute $15.00/Flight**  
V Bridal Primary Release $15.00 /First Flight**  $5.00/Afterwards
V Bridal Shoulder Secondary Release $5.00/Flight**  
Wheels Included With Glider Rental  
Helmets - Full face $5.00/Flight**  
Vario $10.00 /First Flight**   $5.00/Afterwards
Radio $10.00 /First Flight**   $5.00/Afterwards
** Rates are per flight and do not include tow fees, park fees, guest fees (if any), or Instructor-assisted Setup and Launch, if requested.

Pro Shop

The Florida Ridge is an authorized dealer for the following hang gliding equipment manufacturers. You can shop from our Inventory at the Ridge or on-line at the dealers' web sites, but either way our instructors will work closely with you throughout from selection to delivery, making sure your desires match your needs and budget. We guarantee to order your merchandise within 24 hours, ensure its prompt delivery, assemble it, test it, tailor it, and make sure you're satisfied with it.

Members Save 10%

  Wills Wing  ....................... Hang Gliders, Harnesses, Helmets, Parts 
  Moyes Gliders  .................... Hang Gliders, Parts 
  FlyTec  ................................ Variometers, GPS, Gloves, and Accessories 
  High Energy Sports  ........... Harnesses, Parachutes, Hang Straps